Mark B Gerstein

Contact Information

Here's some quick pointers on how to reach me. Basically, I prefer email over unscheduled phone calls or paper mail, but I do very much like scheduled calls and meetings. Unfortunately, I'm sometimes slow in responding to my correspondence. If it's urgent, text/slack me or message my assistant (in a professional context), to call attention to your email. Other types of messaging - eg Twitter DM, Skype chat, Linkedin, etc - rarely get to me.

Email — Main — with asst.

Goes to me and my assistant. Use this (not my main email) for web forms -- e.g. for reference letters. My assistant does not handle personal matters or my schedule (so write me directly about these).



For public chat, but not DMs.

Fast Messaging & Calling

203 903-1858 — for "public" texts

My listed text number, best for calling attention to an email (via subject & sender), viz: Look for the email with subject "sending you check for $15M."

-x508 — for texts & calls

I have other numbers for texts and phone calls. 203 xxx-x508 is my main one. Use sparingly. Also, avoid calling or texting other numbers as I probably won't get your message. (More.)


If you are on the lab Slack, you can you use this like my cell for quick messages. Please put long messages into email and just use Slack to call attention to them.

mark.gerstein — for skype & zoom

Please don't try to "chat" with me here when not on an arranged call. (More.)

203 432 6105 — for nothing!

My official phone, which I rarely answer unless I'm expecting a call. Don't try; instead, contact my assistant or arrange a phone call with me over email.

-x861 — for FAX

Still maintain. Email me if you want to send one.

Physical Location & Paper Mail

Bass 432A — office

If you want to meet in person (which I do like!), this is my office location. (See here for details.) I may also be in the neighboring room, Bass 434. You sometimes need authorization to get in the building after 6 PM. If so, arrange to call/text me, so I can meet you. Also, please announce yourself.

M Gerstein, Bass 432a, MBB, Yale U, New Haven, CT 06511

My correct paper mail address. I much prefer email to paper mail, so this will get a very slow response. You can also use this for Fedex.

Even More Information...